Flowers Or Pigs? You Decide.


Valentine’s Day is really not that big of a deal.

As long as you get me chocolates and roses and organise a romantic meal, k?

You didn’t? It’s ok, I was just joking. Continue reading


“…in the end, your lid won’t fit anyway”


In a former life I was a petite and dainty lady with super slim fingers, I think. Not creepy long and skinny ones but the kind that look really nice with rings on and get hired for cream adverts (or whatever you hire lovely hands for). And in that life I was really well off due to all the adverts I was being hired for. So when I died, life was like “It’s not really fair if we give her teeny hands again next time around. I know, let’s give herĀ THE BIGGEST LADY HANDS EVERĀ instead”. And it’s because of this Karmatic (is that a thing?) Hand Justice that I nearly fell into The Sanguine Hole last night. Continue reading