A Case Of IGS*


*Imaginary Guilt Syndrome. I did warn you about these ‘conditions‘. I’m pretty sure this is a real one though and will be discovered soon. It’s like that time I told everyone that certain noises make me want to shove my head in a bucket of water or punch somebody and they laughed and they laughed and then BOOP – here’s Mysophonia. (That’s a real condition which causes the previously described behaviour. I didn’t invent it. Trust me, it’s Google-able). Continue reading


Sanguine Me


It’s official. I have been boxed. Finally, I have a label. Do I want a label? I’m not sure, but anything that could potentially help me understand what the heck goes on in my head nugget, aka brain, is handy. According to my personality book – which I was advised to purchase following another apocalyptic meltdown and flare up of DDS (Down in the Dumps Syndrome) – I am a Sanguine. I am Sanguine? I have Sanguine? Anyway, that’s me! Continue reading



Hello there humanlings.

(Humanlings makes us sound like pets. I imagine us tiny, with no bones, just squidging around and trying to high-five with our floppy limbs and there’s some giant creature sitting in a room in another galaxy far, far away laughing it’s head off – not literally cus then we’d be extinct – every time someone gets a smack in the face.) Continue reading