The ‘Incomplete Project’ Project


My parents are both pretty creative people – a trait I am proud to say passed on to me. My Mum spends her weekends sewing quilts, painting walls and making fancy dress outfits for my nephews. My Dad fixes up his motorbikes, hand-makes wooden cheeseboards and lays carpet in our jigsawy (call Oxford, there’s a new adjective for the dictionary) house. They also FINISH these things – a trait which I have unfortunately NOT been blessed to receive.

Like, cheers guys for making me be able to doodle a dog and sew a t-shirt for a teddy bear but no thanks for the inability to finish anything more substantial*.

*Don’t think I can actually blame them for that, sorry parents

I’m afraid that one day I’ll have kids running around in just the top half of tiger costumes, bedroom walls with 24 different shades of yellow on them and blankets that only cover their feet (I’m fairly certain that would end in some sort of serious intervention*).

*That’s also the reason I decided against (I’ll admit after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. That’s fun to say!) my idea of speaking to them in complete gobbledy goop from birth and sending them off to school at 4 saying “Aboo-de-la-froo-goo-fluh” instead of “Hi, I’m Ryfuffalees (cool name hey?), how are you?”.

They’ll also never have fixed up motorbikes, bespoke cheeseboards or fully carpeted floors – but these ones are simply because I have no idea how to do those things.

I mentioned before in Sanguine Me the troubles I have with completing projects. In fact, the last major thing I think I managed to fully commit to was a cardboard model of my dream cafe. I mean, it’s pretty impressive if you ask me BUT that was over a year ago and took me a solid 24hrs or so.



Thank you, thank you very much.

Since then, I’ve started and given up on around 5million things (slightly hyperbolic. Exaggeration is a big issue too. My poor boyfriend suffers endlessly at the hands of it. Probably had quite a few mini heart attacks from all the times things have cost me “500,000 euros“).

Here’s just a few examples of failed projects:

  • A vegan instagram from the time I went vegan and said it would be FOREVER and ate a bacon sandwich four weeks later
  • An fitness journey scrapbook – which consumed more time than my daily workouts which may or may not have caused weight gain
  • About 6zillion canvas paintings
  • A spaceman book for my nephews – which ended up being a poem about a lonely old man but I lost the ability to rhyme so gave up
  • A business plan for my dream cafe
  • Learning German – which I gave up and came back to because I decided it’s fairly important if I want to carry on living here
  • Around 8 journals
  • A polystyrene cat that you have to stab material into – which sounds weird but was very therapeutic during the Great Christmas Meltdown Of 2016 (later guys, later)
  • And bla, bla, bla…I got bored of listing

Enter ‘The Incomplete Project Project‘.

I’ve decided to override this trait of mine and finish a major project – see it through to the end. Take that personality, you can’t boss me around. I’m sort of concerned by this because the whole idea of figuring out what personality you have is to make you accept the way you are. Is it wrong to try and deny my inability to finish things? It’s just how I am. BUT no. I can’t give up on ‘TIPP’ (I love abbreviations) before I even start.

So, at Christmas a friend and I invented a game. My brain went into over-drive and excitement, coming up with all the rules and ideas for how it should be made and the design and how fun it would be. I went on and on about how I would get cracking on it right away.

Fast forward nearly two months and I’ve GoogledWhere to buy blocks of foam?‘, decided it was too costly and “put it on the back burner“, along with all the others. FAIL.

But after a prototype for part of it appeared in the post MAGICALLY (aka my Dad made it), I realised I can’t go on like this and if I ever want to be “a success”, I must learn to finish something. I mean, I bet Bill Gates didn’t say “Hey, I’ve got a great idea for a whatever-you-call-Microsoft-before-it-was-called-Microsoft but I also want to be vegan and write a book and make cardboard cut-out cafes so, Dad, reckon you could have a bash at it?“. (Google says it’s a PC Software System. Who knows this stuff?)

So here goes. Wish me luck. Next Christmas you’ll be playing a game invented and created by yours truly and then I’ll be suddenly the richest lady on the earth because I’ll realise that finishing things leads to dollar dollar bills and BAM. You’ll see.




Although, I dont’t have any cardboard and I’m sort of tired from typing and my lip is all cracked so I should probably do something about that first cus mega chapping isn’t sexylicious. Tomorrow, maybe?


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