Sanguine Me


It’s official. I have been boxed. Finally, I have a label. Do I want a label? I’m not sure, but anything that could potentially help me understand what the heck goes on in my head nugget, aka brain, is handy. According to my personality book – which I was advised to purchase following another apocalyptic meltdown and flare up of DDS (Down in the Dumps Syndrome) – I am a Sanguine. I am Sanguine? I have Sanguine? Anyway, that’s me!

When I first saw it I thought it was said like this ‘san-gweeeen‘ (I extended the ‘gween‘ for pleasure). But according to my good friend Google, it’s said like ‘san-gwin‘, which reminds me of a Star Wars character. May the force be with me!

However, my favourite sound interpretation of the word is to say it like that spaghetti stuff called Linguine, aka ‘lin-gwee-ni’ (or whatever the pronunciation writing format for Linguine is. The Writtenunciation.). I like the metaphor of myself being a big bowl of spaghetti-but-not-spaghetti with all these different ingredients mixed in (plus it takes me back to the Humanling imagery of having no bones and floppy limbs). Here, I done did you a diagram:


As you can see from my splendidly artistic diagram, from what I can determine, it means I need A LOT of attention, exaggerate (me? never!), am dramatic but funny, loving but forgetful, have little life direction and can’t finish anything…ever. Well, ain’t that just peachy dandy. May aswell just stop here and give

(See what I did there?) Counter intuitive. I tricked my Sanguine-ity into believing I was quitting as per, but here I am, overriding it and carrying on typing. Sanguine: 0, Me: 1. (Is that how you do those score things? I need to watch more sport).

Unless that was just the ‘funny’ part of my Sanguine personality there and the ‘give up‘ part is having a nap right now?

Anyway. I now have an excuse for everything I do, for all of my behaviour. It’s like “Hey, Amber. Why did you do that funny/stupid/mean/forgetful/lovely thing the other day?“. And I’m like, “Ah, it’s just The Sanguine In Me“.

There are A LOT of parts to my new-but-not-new-just-newly-named personality. But the top four are; I need attention, approval, acceptance, activity (all the A’s for Amber, YIPPEE).

I’ve got strengths like; bubbly, fun, storytelling, humour, enjoyment of people.

I mean, great. It’s all good being a laugh a minute, HA HA. But why couldn’t I get some of the helpful life-hack strengths like ‘mathematically minded‘ or ‘multi-tasker’. Probably because they don’t start with an A. A is also for Arse, fyi. I probably can’t multi-task anyway because Sanguine Me is too focused on gaining attention from others and being popular and how, if I don’t, I will sink into a deep pit of despair – more commonly known as DDS – the general reason for this discovery.

I have to admit, as much as it pains me, there is truth in it. I can’t count the number of life meltdowns I have had. Many a humanling has witnessed me sobbing under the duvet in my pants, eating a tub of ice cream and chatting with Google about life purposes.

What it does say though, is that when I do fall down the dark hole (cheeky), my nearest and dearest have to nurture me and comfort me like a small child by saying sweet things like ‘oh poor you‘ and ‘life is so unfair on ickle baby Sanguine Me‘.

Basically, it means that I am either giving love and adoration or being loved and adored or I am complaining about not being loved and adored and receiving love and adoration because of it. Give, Be, Complain, Receive. Is that a good life motto?

So I might not be able to find things, remember important events, do maths or other normal things. But IT ALWAYS ENDS WITH LOVE. Not everyone can say THAT.

Stick that noodle of my personality around your fork and suck on it.


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