Hello there humanlings.

(Humanlings makes us sound like pets. I imagine us tiny, with no bones, just squidging around and trying to high-five with our floppy limbs and there’s some giant creature sitting in a room in another galaxy far, far away laughing it’s head off – not literally cus then we’d be extinct – every time someone gets a smack in the face.)

I feel I should clarify that I too am a humanling. I should have said ‘fellow‘ humanlings. Otherwise it sounds like I am above the -lings. A humanite. But I am not one, and, quite frankly, don’t want to come face to face with one as it sounds like they’re made of stone and nothing made of stone can be warm and fuzzy and spread love like a Ling.

THAT is QUITE enough of THAT!

So, after that rather lengthy and random and inexplicable and completely unplanned opening to this ‘About’ post, well, I’m not sure what more I can say other than you can probably expect many more similar ramblings to come. This blog is basically a compilation of my weird thoughts (aka brain farts), life stories and general ponderings.

Please laugh at me and with me and don’t take things too seriously.

I should also say, many of the ‘conditions‘ I will occasionally claim ownership of have either never been diagnosed *other than by Doctor Google, or simply don’t exist. Ok? Ok.



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